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Here is all of the information but wait, keep reading...

What is it? 
It's a brunch! Sweet and savory breakfast options, booze, coffee, tea, all the things. We also happen to be offering Billy! Bracelet appointments for those who are there brunching (and choose to make an appointment for a bracelet too). 

When is it? 
Sunday, May 12th from 11AM through 3PM. By reservation and appointment!

Where is it? 
Short Stories - 355 Bowery, New York, NY 10003 

How much is it? 
The brunch is prix fixe for $65, which includes a meal, bottomless drinks (a selection just for you), and treats.

The Billy! Bracelet appointment is a separate add-on (just keep clicking through the reservation prompts!). The cost of the 14k gold chain bracelet and the appointment is $180. 

How can I make a reservation for the brunch?
Here! Follow the prompts. 

How can I make an appointment for a bracelet?
Here too! Follow the steps to reserve your brunch, then add the bracelet appointment when prompted. 

Can I get a brunch and no Billy! Bracelet? 
Absolutely! Come, eat, drink, and hang out. 

Can I get a Billy! Bracelet and no brunch? 
Unfortunately no. Sorry about that but pancakes come first.